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(VIB) invites you all to enter our Essay Contest. Certificate, booklet, book and invitation to the International Volunteer Day Forum (5th Dec.) along with a study tour in Thimphu to be won! And the best essay from each category to be published in the newspaper!

Essay topic: How can you contribute to GNH being a volunteer?

The entry form with details can be downloaded here. Also the form will be ready to be collected at offices represented in VIB : JOCV/JICA, RCSC, RSPN, Tarayana Foundation, UNV, VAST, VSA and Y-VIA/YDF.

* Bhutan Observer kindly offered us a space to publish 4 best essays free of cost as token of their precious participation in this important event.

18th September 2005  

PHOTO COMPETITION: Congratulations to all those who entered the VIB Photo Competition. There was a great selection for the judges to choose from - a listing of winners is now published on this site - click HERE.

VOLUNTEERS ON TV! Watch interviews with various volunteer organisations in Bhutan, on BBS TV (and radio) from 8.30 p.m. each Friday evening, starting June

Volunteers in Action:

Sunday 27th March 2005 saw volunteers help dogs at RSPCA's Serbithang compound. Read more...

More than three hundred thousand ngultrum was raised by volunteers in Bhutan, towards the relief and rehabilitation effort of those affected by December's earthquake and tsunami. A fund-raising “Walk of Life” was held on Saturday, January 22nd, 2005. Read more...


These are just some of the first activities be carried out following the launch, on International Volunteer Day on 5th December 2004, of "Volunteers in Bhutan" and this website. On this day, a thousand butterlamps were lit at Thimphu's Memorial Chorten, and a fun Tug-of-War contest was held at the nearby Royal Bhutan Police Headquarters ground. Read more...

Bhutan has a rich tradition of volunteerism - whether it’s neighbours getting together to help cultivate a field for a sick neighbour, or teenagers gathering to clean up a village area, or, in the more modern environment, a child helping an elderly woman cross a busy road… Volunteerism in Bhutan is very much a part of the culture, and should be recognised as such.
It is in the light of the strong spirit of volunteerism found in the country, that this website has been developed. Its aims are:

to encourage more people to volunteer their time

to give a voice to those who are volunteering

to help those wishing to volunteer to identify where they can help

to enable due recognition to be given to those who put the basic needs of others above the luxury needs of themselves.


VIB has its own bank account - cheques may be made payable to 'Volunteers in Bhutan', or direct payments may be made to Bhutan National Bank, Thimphu Branch, account number 0000001844010

VIB is grateful for the financial assistance from JOCV/JICA, VSA and UNV, and the in-kind support from all its members




Over the coming months, a series of events are planned where volunteerism will be put into practice - come and join us. Check out the website regularly for latest updates, or e-mail us to register your interest on our VIB mailing list, and we will alert you about upcoming activities.

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