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Celebrating the spirit of Volunteerism

Bhutan joined the international community to celebrate the International Day of Volunteers on Sunday, 5th December. Several activities were organized in the capital to observe the Day.

The celebration began with the offering of butter lamps at the National Memorial Chorten. The Resident Coordinator of the UN Systems in Bhutan, Ms. Renata Lok Dessalien said the spirit of Volunteerism is very much alive in Bhutan.

Ms. Renata Lok Dessalien said that in the past year alone the country saw the launch of two volunteer organizations, the Tarayana Foundation and RENEW.

She added that such self-help and volunteer groups will become more prominent in the Bhutanese society. This she said will help Bhutan to achieve the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.

As part of the day the new “Volunteers in Bhutan” website also launched. The address is

The site contains details of volunteer organizations and volunteerism in Bhutan. A photo competition entitled “Volunteers in beautiful Bhutan” is also being organized.

Organizers have also planned a series of activities, which will put volunteerism into practice. These include clean up campaigns to helping stray dogs and renovation monasteries.

Later, a tug of war was also organized to celebrate the day. 11 teams from different organizations and agencies took part in the event at the Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) grounds. The activities were organized by the Volunteers in Bhutan.

December 5th was proclaimed as the International Day of Volunteers by the UN to celebrate the spirit of Volunteerism.

The day is being observed across the world to highlight the role and the contribution made by volunteers in developing countries.

In Bhutan the International Volunteer’ program began in 1980 with the arrival of ten international volunteers.

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