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Articles on Volunteerism in Bhutan.

Reflections on how volunteerism in Bhutan relates to Gross National Happiness, from a paper by Mark Mancall (see text of full paper), presented to the GNH Conference held in Thimphu in March 2004. Full texts of this and all other papers presented are available from the Centre for Bhutan Studies website: go to 'publications', and select "Gross National Happiness and Development : Proceedings of the First International Seminar on Operationalization of Gross National Happiness". To see just what he says about volunteerism, click here

"Traditional Forms of Volunteerism in Bhutan" - monograph by Tashi Choden (2003), of Centre for Bhutan Studies. Click here, or go to Centre for Bhutan Studies website, 'publications', 'monographs'.

Other Articles on Volunteerism globally

Essentials: Volunteerism and Development (UNDP, global, 2003)


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