Bhutan's Volunteers help improve the situation for the capital's stray dogs, accommodated at RSPCA compound in nearbny Serbithang


Thimphu, March 2005 On Sunday 27th March 2005, Volunteers in Bhutan lent a helping hand to the RSPCA to improve the facilities provided for the dogs at their compound in Serbithang, just outside Thimphu.

Volunteers from various organizations turned up for this gracious activity at Serbithang. Amongst the volunteers, we had friends from BBS, RCSC, RSPN, UNV, Tarayana Foundation, VSA, and a large contingent from VAST. The total number of volunteers was more than thirty.

The volunteers spent the day feeding the dogs, cutting hay which was used as a cushion in the dog sheds, and sticking cardboards in and around the dog shelter to serve as insulation during cold months.

A special mention must be made of the many volunteers from VAST who made themselves available for this initiative - and who were very creative in their work, adding their artistic touch to the fence!

All in all, it was a very successful day in which everyone present contributed to the dog shelter in Serbithang. The RSPCA is confident that with help of volunteers from Thimphu, they can strive to achieve some of their goals set forth for the organization.

Thanks to everyone who made this event a success - and may Bhutan's Volunteers continue this spirit of volunteerism to benefit others!

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