Jangsa Animal Saving Trust
Lam Kunzang Dorji, the abbot of Jangsa Gonpa in Kalimpong, who became known for saving hundreds of bulls, cows, yaks and goats from the clutches and blades of the butchers is the inspiration and driving force behind the Jangsa Animal Saving Trust, a non-profit organization formed with the sole aim of assisting and promoting the tshethar initiative in Bhutan. "The ultimate aim of the trust is to prevent killing. In the cycle of life, animals have been our parents and we should treat them with respect and sympathy," the abbot said.

The idea for a trust developed when donations started pouring in from Sikkim, Kalimpong and Bhutan as news about Lam Kunzang's act of compassion spread in the region. After the movement reached Thimphu in early March this year, contributions rose substantially. In little over two months, the trust had collected about Nu 400,000. Members as well as non-members had contributed generously. One member had even donated a truck. Others had given money running into hundreds of thousands singly and collectively. They plan to rely more on awareness and sensitization campaigns in the future. They have proposals to print, publish and circulate books, pamphlets, cartoons, comics and make films "on the demerits of eating meat". They even plan to publish vegetarian cookery books and distribute them to the public.

"Bhutanese have the habit of saying ‘we can't cook without sha sey'," an active founder member of the trust said. "We want to show and tell people that it is possible to cook meals without meat and to enjoy them. Researches and studies have also shown that meat is not necessarily the best or the healthiest food." The abbot stated that the Jangsa Trust did not intend to criticize or censure those who ate meat.

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