Since 1988, the JOCV Bhutan Program assists and encourages the activities of young Japanese wishing to cooperate in the economic and social development of developing countries on the basis of requests received from these countries. The erstwhile JOCV Office in Bhutan was upgraded to JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) in July 31, 2003. JOCV program in Bhutan is executed under JICA now.

Japan has made significant contribution to Bhutan in the development of its agriculture and the socio-economic infrastructure by providing equipment and technical expertise in these fields. Also several young Japanese volunteers have been dispatched to Bhutan in these fields and others for the transfer of technical skills. Lately with development and changes in the requirements, there have been several requests for volunteers specializing in the field of Information Technology and Architecture.

JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer) Volunteers fall into two categories:
a) JOCV b) Senior JOCV
A Senior JOCV in principle has to be a former JOCV.
The term of a JOCV can vary between six months to two and half years, depending upon the requirement by the user agency. A short term JOCV can serve ranging from six months to one year. On the other hand a usual JOCV serves for two years and can extend the term up to six months.

Bhutan has been seen the dispatch of around 211 Japanese volunteers under the JOCV program since the start of the program in fields varying from specialists in Agriculture Development, Architecture, Information Technology Specialists, Physical Education Instructors, Japanese Language Instructors, System Engineers to name a few. At the moment, we have 28 JOCVs serving in Bhutan in various fields including two senior JOCVs.

JICA/JOCV Bhutan Office, Post Box No. 217, Thimphu, Bhutan
Tel: ++975 (2) 322030, 323218 Fax: 323089
E-mail: jicajvbt@druknet.bt Website: http://www.jica.go.jp/Bhutan/index.html

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