Singapore Volunteers Overseas (SVO)

The flagship international volunteer activity of SIF is the Singapore Volunteers Overseas (SVO) programme. SVO’s mission is to enrich lives by enabling Singaporean volunteers to support capacity development in developing countries through sharing of skills, knowledge & experiences. Our volunteers are skilled professionals with the experience, skills, knowledge and aptitude to serve as catalysts for change where they are assigned.

SVOs serve in their host communities on the following modalities:

1. In-field SVOs who live and work with their host communities for one or two years. Where they are assigned, they focus on enabling their counterparts to strengthen their individual capacities.

2. Short-term volunteers who live and work in their host communities for 3-6 months, focusing on impact their host organizations through service-delivery.

3. Specialist Team SVOs work on skills transfer projects to build the organizational or institutional capacity of a local partner through Training of Trainers (ToT) over a duration of several years

4. Volunteers who conduct short duration skills training workshops of up to 2 weeks to impact organizations, institutions and individuals.

All SVO assignments are developed in close collaboration with host agencies and volunteers, taking into account the needs identified by the host agency and the capabilities of volunteers. To facilitate the transfer of skills in a sustainable manner, host organizations are required to provide local counterparts to work alongside the volunteers.

Completed and On-going Collaboration with Bhutanese Partners
From 2001 to 2003, two in-field SVOs completed their one-year long assignments in IT network administration at Sherubtse College and in marketing and advertising at Kuensel Corporation.

Since July 2004, a SVO IT teacher at NIE Paro and a SVO accountant at Kuensel Corporation have been working to strengthen the capacities of their host agencies in the teaching of information technology and in accounting and financial practices respectively. They will complete their assignments in July 2005.

From 2002, a team of Specialist Team SVOs from tertiary institutions in Singapore has been working on a Training of Trainers project to equip their counterparts at NIE Paro with the capacity to develop and teach a B.Ed programme. The project will be completed in 2006.

SVO is exploring the placements of other volunteers in Bhutan.

SVO does not maintain an office in Bhutan. To contact SVO, please write to Ms Chia Meng Tze, Director, International Volunteerism, 9 Penang Road, #12-01, Park Mall, Singapore 238459.
Phone: +6568378749; Fax +65-68378710;
E-mail: mengtze.chia@sif.org.sg;
Website: http://www.sif.org.sg/

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