Vertical Bhutan Climbing Club
Little is known about early climbing attempts on Thimphu's only salient climbing rock-"THE NOSE". Ideally situated just above Thimphu, the area was first discovered by Stefan Priesner, an Austrian working with United Nations Office in Thimphu together with two trekking guides from Lhomen Tours and Treks in the summer of 1996.The route which was climbed top rope, was later named "Reach and Preach". The nose was later developed when the routes were first bolted in April and May 1998 thus resulting Bhutan's first climbing gym. Rock climbing in Thimphu gained its popularity after Stefan, Dilu, Arun, Robin and few students who were also being trained decided to form a club and training center for rock climbing. The club, "Vertical, Bhutan Climbing Club" was formed in 2000 with 18 members from which, 11 are students. The club's main objectives are to train Bhutanese youth, organize rock-climbing events etc. The club has recently, been featured by the National Television Network for encouraging the youth in this field. As mountains are sacred and considered to be deity in Bhutan and there is hardly any mountaineering so we satisfy our mountaineering ambition by climbing rocks. The "Vertical"- Bhutan Climbing Club (VBCC) is a young group of rock climbing enthusiasts that is determinedly trying to establish and promote the sport in Bhutan. It is our long-term aim to popularize rock climbing not only as a worthwhile hobby but also as a mainstream sport. Judging from the enthusiasm evident in the encouraging number of fresh faces at the rock each week, we have reason to believe that the club can expand to a nationwide scale.

To be realistic, though, we have had to content ourselves with measured pace and set about establishing strong roots in the capital, Thimphu, for starter... At present the club is trying to reach out to Bhutanese youth, who seems to have a lot of free time, by having discussions with Bhutan Youth Center to jointly organize Rock Climbing events. We are also hoping to develop a library on rock climbing.

Mr Arun Raj Gurung, Manager, Post Box No. 1178, Thimphu, Bhutan
Tel: ++975 (2) 322966, 322977 Fax: 322677
E-mail: arunrajgurung@hotmail.com; Website: http://www.verticalBhutan.com/

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