The Volunteers in Bhutan (VIB) Committee aims to give recognition and support to the volunteer community in Bhutan. Its membership comprises supporters from BBS, JOCV/JICA, RCSC, RSPN, Singapore Volunteers Overseas, Tarayana Foundation, UNV, VAST and VSA.


To celebrate International Volunteer Day on 5th December:
  • Launch of this "Volunteers in Bhutan" website.
  • Launch of the "Volunteers in Beautiful Bhutan" – photo competition, a free-to-enter competition, with a total of Nu 40,000 to be won, and winning pictures will appear in a special freely distributed 2006 calendar. Deadline for photo entries 1st August 2005;photo competition - click here for details, rules, and entry form
  • Lighting of a thousand butterlamps at Memorial Chorten, Thimphu from 10.15 a.m.
  • A funTug-of-War Contest where teams battle it out - Royal Bhutan Police Headquarters ground, near Memorial Chorten, from 11 a.m.
Bhutan has a rich tradition of volunteerism - whether it’s neighbours getting together to help cultivate a field for a sick neighbour, or teenagers gathering to clean up a village area, or, in the more modern environment, a child helping an elderly woman cross a busy road… Volunteerism in Bhutan is very much a part of the culture, and should be recognised as such.
It is in the light of the strong spirit of volunteerism found in the country, that this website has been developed. Its aims are:
to encourage more people to volunteer their time
to give a voice to those who are volunteering
to help those wishing to volunteer to identify where they can help
to enable due recognition to be given to those who put the basic needs of others above the luxury needs of themselves.






Over the coming months, a series of events are planned where volunteerism will be put into practice - come and join us, whether to help improve facilities for stray dogs, renovation of monasteries, engaging in a country wide clean-up campaign. Check out the website regularly for latest updates, or e-mail us to register your interest on our VIB mailing list, and we will alert you about upcoming activities.

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